Party Animal Wine Gifts

Do you know someone that loves to throw a party? Does this person also love wine? If so, there are many wine gifts that you can give them that will not only be appreciated, but also useful for their next party.

Every person that has had a party where wine was served knows that determining whose glass is whose can be a big problem. A great wine gift that solves this dilemma is wine charms. Wine charms are small charms that attach to the stem of the glasses. Each charm is different, which is how you tell the difference among the glasses. Each party guest simply has to remember which charm they had and they will always be able to find their glass. Charms come in many styles and can be as fancy or as plain as you want. They can be color coordinated with your décor or relevant to the occasion being celebrated.

Another great wine accessory for parties is plates that have built in stemware holders. These plates have a small hole cut into the side where guests can rest their wine glass, leaving one hand free for eating or drinking. These plates can be coordinated with your décor, have festive prints, or even be personalized. They are be made from many materials, including wood, china, and plastic.

If you prefer dressing up your wine, you may want to consider serving it in a decanter instead of the bottle. Decanters come in many materials and can be as fancy or plain as you like. Glass decanters are a great option and can also be personalized. If you are multiple types of wine, you may want to have decanters that are labeled with the name of the wine they hold.

Many items are available that make wine parties more convenient and festive. Not only will these items help you when you throw a wine party, they make great gift ideas for the wine lover in your life.