Wine Gifts for Beginner Wine Maker

If you know someone that would like to start making their own wine, there are many items that can be given as gifts to help then get started. Since these items have varying costs, these wine gifts can be given for any occasion.

The first item that a new wine maker will need is either a barrel or a fermentation tank. These items tend to be on the pricey side, but are necessary for fermenting the juice. Traditional wine makers use oak barrels, which gives the finished wine a woody flavor. Fermentation tanks are nice because they have inflatable gaskets in them that adjust with the changing volume of the wine. This helps to ensure the wine doesn’t overflow during the fermentation process. If the oak flavor is still desired, oak chips can be added to the steel tank.

The next important item is a glass secondary fermentor. This vessel is used to transfer the wine from the primary fermentation device, before transferring it to bottles. Along with the secondary fermentor, a siphon hose and stoppers with fermentation lock are also necessary items. These will also be used when transferring the wine.

If you would like to get someone started making wine, there are beginner wine making kits that can be purchased. These kits contain all the items needed to make small amounts of wine. If the person you are purchasing wine gifts for wishes to make larger volumes of wine, it would be better to purchase the items needed individually.

Other items that will be needed include bottles, corks, bottle washers, and sterilization chemicals. These items are things that can be given as gifts as well. The items are lower priced, but just as necessary as the more expensive ones. Helping a friend get started making wine is a great gift for any occasion.