Decorative Wine Gifts

Wine gifts aren’t only functional, they are also very decorative. Many wine lovers enjoy decorating with their wine items. These decorations are not only beautiful; they are also useful when you enjoy your favorite wine.

A very popular wine gift that is functional and decorative is a wine cabinet. Wine cabinets come in so many different designs and made from many materials. It is not difficult to find a wine cabinet that compliments any décor. Most cabinets are fine pieces of furniture that serve a greater purpose. Not only do they store many bottles of your favorite wine, they also serve as a focal point of any room. They provide a way to not only store wine, but to display it.

Wine glasses vary in design as much as home décor varies from house to house. There are wine glasses that can compliment any décor. They can come in any color of glass imaginable. They don’t have to be made of glass at all. Wine goblets made from earthenware add a rustic touch, while finely engraved glass provides a sophisticated feel. Add a matching wine decanter for a finishing touch. By using your wine glasses and decanters as decorative pieces, you not only have beautiful decorations, you eliminate the need for storage for these items.

A unique decorative wine gift is making a collage out of used wine corks. You can use corks that were saved from some of your favorite bottles, or use corks that were collected from your friends. The cords are arranged in a pattern in a shadow box picture frame. This is a great conversational piece that helps you to remember some great times shared over a bottle of wine.

Whether it is a piece of fine furniture or simple things like glasses and decanters, decorative wine gifts add beauty and functionality to any décor.