Wine Gifts with a Personal Flare

Personalized gifts are a thoughtful way to let someone know how much you care. The personalization shows that you gave additional thought to the gift. For the wine maker in your life, there are many wine gifts that can be personalized.

Wine labels are a great gift for anyone that enjoys making their own wine. You can design the labels yourself or choose from many different styles already available. By using the name of the wine maker, you can create labels depicting their “vineyard” name. Makers that like to give their wine away will really appreciate personalized labels. The labels not only give the name of the maker, it also shows the type of wine and the vintage year.

Personalized wine cellar signs are another great example of personalized wine gifts. Most signs can be customized with various designs, so they depict the style that the maker is going for. You can choose from vintage to modern or from French inspired to Tuscan. Having a sign also makes the wine maker feel more legitimate as a wine producer. If you want to combine gifts, you can get a sign design that match the design of their wine labels.

For wine makers that like to take their wine to parties and other places, a personalized wine tote makes a great gift. Not only does it provide an excellent way to transport their wine, it also helps to advertise that they make their own wine.

Coasters that are imprinted with a personalized label make an impressive statement when wine makers entertain. The coasters can also be designed with the same design of the wine labels and the wine cellar sign. Another item that can be tied into the same design is a welcome mat. What better way to greet guests than with their own vineyard sign.

The next time you need to purchase a gift for the wine maker in your life, consider giving personalized wine gifts. It will be a gift that won’t soon be forgotten.