Wedding Favor Wine Gifts

Wine themed wedding receptions are steeped in elegance and refinement. No matter where the reception is held, at a vineyard in Napa Valley or a local restaurant, there are many wine gifts to choose from to create the exactly the look you want.

Some of the most popular wine gifts that are given as favors are small bottles of wine. These bottles can be personalized with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date. Guests can take the bottles home and toast the happy couple. Wine serves as the ultimate wedding statement. Fine wine, like a great marriage only gets better with time.

If you are going to have wine bottles on the tables, consider adding decorative stoppers. Stoppers make it easier for your guests to enjoy the wine, without having to remove the cork themselves. Wine bottle stoppers can be found to coordinate with your reception motif, from elegant with tons of sparkle to items that represent your favorite hobbies.

Individual wine charms also make great favors. When coordinated with bottle stoppers, wine charms can add continuity and balance to your reception table. Wine charms are like jewelry for your wine glass. They also help your guests to identify which glass was theirs. They can be taken home and enjoyed for a long time.

Engraved wine glasses also make great wedding favors. Your guests will think of you every time they use the glass at home. Combine with a beautiful wine charm, engraved glasses are an elegant and useful item to give your guests. You can have the bride’s and groom’s names and the wedding date engraved on them to commemorate the wedding. Another popular thing to have engraved is the couple’s monogram. No matter what you choose to have engraved, wine glasses make classy and practical wine gifts for weddings.