Thoughtful Wine Gifts for Wine Makers

When wine makers are just starting to make their own wine, there are items that they may not realize they need. These make great wine gifts for any occasion.

When deciding on the right blend of juice to make their wine, every wine maker should have a diary to keep track of their recipe. This diary can be a life saver from year to year. If your wine maker likes to try making different wines, a diary helps him keep track of each juice combination that he tries. Diaries can be as fancy or as plain as you want them to be. You can also have it personalized to give it an added flair.

To assist with the actual wine making, a refractometer makes a great wine gift. A refractometer measures the sugar content in the wine. By knowing the sugar level, a wine maker can figure out the alcohol concentration in the wine. A refractometer takes just a few drops of the wine to get an accurate reading. This is especially crucial when working with fresh grapes. A hydrometer can also be used for this purpose, but it requires using more wine for the sample test.

Along the same lines as the refractometer, another great gift is a chemical test kit. This kit provides a way to test other important factors in making great wine. One example is a pH tester. Proper pH testing gives the wine maker an indication of the health of his wine. Other kits test sulfite concentration, yeast concentration, and other acid concentration.

There are many items that can be given to wine makers that help them determine different chemical levels that are present in the wine. Having a diary in which to record their recipes for wine blends significantly helps ensure that the wine can be repeated year after year. If you are looking for great wine gifts for wine makers, consider purchasing these testing supplies or a fine diary.